By mid-October, gardens are usually dying, and bright colors come more from foliage than from flowers. This year, so far, seems different.  

The number of flowers that are still brightly blooming is surprising us.

Some flowers will be blooming weeks from now.  Even without flowers, there are muted beauties in the gardens, below.

Fruit trees are bearing, though our pears are much less abundant than they were last season. Other fruit will be welcome in seasons to come. The plum trees look promising.

There's promise of an other great asparagus crop next year.

Some cheery colors, like the winterberries, will be with us all winter.



A new purple poppy that I am hoping will self-seed

Our very first apple, off a bare root tree from St. Lawrence Nursery -- very exciting.

Another St. Lawrence success story - one of our American Chestnuts loves this site

Our Waneta plum (from E.C. Browns' Nursery), planted this spring, already has five plums -- amazing!